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What’s the Process for Building my FirstBuild Home? 

The process for building a house can be pretty daunting when it comes to financing, choosing a design, council consenting and building. 

The good thing is FirstBuild is here to support you every step of the way. 

To make the process for building as simple as possible FirstBuild has compiled this easy to follow building guide split into five steps:

1) Get your finances sorted
2) Let’s check your site (we’ll be posting a blog specifically about this in the next few weeks.
3) Finalise your design
4) Council consent
5) Let’s Build

What you’ve probably already noticed is that  it typically takes much longer to plan for your home than the build time. 

That is one of the major advantages of building a FirstBuild modular home is that we can cut down the build times compared to a typical normal build. 

If you have any questions please contact us here

1) Get your finances sorted 

The first step to ownership is finance so checkout our website and get that sorted first

Getting finance can take between 1-2 months. 

2) Let’s check your site

Every property is unique and needs to be checked to see if its suitable for your home:

  • Email us your address with some photos of where you want your FirstBuild home located on the site. 
  • Tell us which is your preferred FirstBuild home from our brochure here 
  • The team at FirstBuild will undertake an initial assessment of the site. 
  • For very complex projects, which might include steep sections, less stable ground or building encroachments to your neighbour, we might suggest undertaking a pre-assessment. A pre-assessment contract would engage professional services to check your project to reduce any uncertainties and costs before signing a build contract and applying for Council Building Consent. 
  • However nine times out of ten, most sites are good to go and a member of the FirstBuild team will visit your site to meet you and double check everything. 
  • The next step is FirstBuild will provide you with a Build Contract. 
  • Please have your lawyer independently check your Build Contract and provide you advise before signing. Your finance company will most likely want to see the Build Contract before signing too. 
  • Once the Build Contract is signed and the Deposit paid the finalised house and site plans can be developed.
  • This can take anywhere between 1 week if its a simple build to 2 months for more complex assessments.

3) Finalise your design

  • FirstBuild will engage our professional services team to undertake a site survey which measures the property, a geotechnical report to check the soil quality and recommend foundations, planners information to ensure we meet local planning rules and finally our architectural draftsman who will establish the site layout and house plan. 
  • These assessments can, but very rarely, discover things like sand in the soil of the geotechnical report which requires some additional foundation. That might require a variance to your contract of it is more than minor and not covered in the build contingency. 
  • Once you are 100% happy with the plan, FirstBuild will apply for permission from your local Council to build on the site. 
  • This can take up to 2 months to get your design ready for consent.

4) Council Consent 

This is the part of the process for building that most people find is frustrating. All New Zealand Councils have 20 working days to assess building consent applications. However, as you may already know many Council’s don’t achieve those targets. 

  • FirstBuild works constructively with your Council to answer any questions or provide them any additional information they might need.
  • Once your Council has issued the building consent to FirstBuild the building can start. 

This process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 months until a building consent is granted depending on your Council. This is normally the longest part of the process for building your home.

5) Let’s Build

FirstBuild can finally start to put hammer to nail and start building your home. The process for building finally is getting to the “wood and nails” part.

  • Work can commence with the onsite earthworks, foundations and infrastructure. 
  • Council will than approve the foundations. 
  • Work can commence on your modular home build in our factory in Pukekohe. 
  • The council undertakes quality assurance inspections every two weeks in the FirstBuild factory. 
  • Once the modules are built in factory they are lifted onto a hiab truck and delivered on site. 
  • There is the final works on the site before being practically completed.  
  • Council does a final inspection and issues the code of compliance. 
  • You undertake a final inspection and are happy that we built everything that was agreed. 
  • We issue you your keys and the 10 year building warranty.

The process for building in the factory is fast and can take around 2 months to build and transport your house to site with another 2 weeks to 1 month for the Council to sign off the Council Code of Compliance.

So depending on where you are in your the process for building your home, it can take anywhere between 7 to 12 months to build your quality modular home. 

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