Westpac - a dedicated mortgage package for modular homes

FirstBuild have partnered with Westpac. As one of New Zealand’s leading banks, Westpac have identified a need in the market to finance modular homes that takes into account the unique building methodology.

Westpac is the first bank in New Zealand to launch a dedicated mortgage product aimed at helping Kiwi’s into modular homes Read more about this here

“We think homes manufactured offsite are crucial in addressing two key systemic issues: our housing shortage and a lack of affordable construction options”, says Westpac NZ Head of Home Ownership, Mark Dunmore.

However, borrowing for a prefab home has often been a frustrating experience, because of the complex issues around security of the house while it’s being built in a factory.

“Our new way of funding essentially means we have security before the house is delivered, which removes much of the uncertainty for buyers and builders partnering on a build,” Mr Dunmore says.

FirstBuild simply refers customers to Westpac. We don’t receive any commission or reward  except having happy customers that have the ability to fund their FirstBuild modular home.

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