Finance is the first step to
home ownership

Finance your new home. Find out how you can do this.

Talk to someone who can assist you to get finance:

  • your bank
  • a mortgage broker
  • or through the team at NewBuild

FirstBuild works with NewBuild who specialise in financing new builds. Visit their websites to try out their calculator and apply online.
We encourage you to seek independent advice from a financial adviser. 

Access to Government & KiwiSaver funds

You could be eligible for a KiwiSaver Homestart grant up to $10,000 when building a new home. If you’re doing this with someone else and they’re eligible, you could get up to $20,000 between you (for building a new home).You may also be eligible to use your Kiwisaver to contribute to your deposit:

  • Homestart Grant – check if you are eligible on the government website
  • KiwiSaver – check how you might be able to access your KiwiSaver

Once your finances are sorted we’d love to talk to you about a build contract.

Watch this helpful video to get you started in getting Finance

Types of Build Contracts

There are several types of building loans available but the two main ones in New Zealand are turnkey and progressive payments contracts.

This is where you pay a deposit and then one final payment at the end of the build – when you “turn the key” to your new home. 

An advantage is that you don’t start paying for the new home until you take possession, so you’re not paying rent and payments on the new home at the same time. In this case FirstBuild would finance the build for an additional cost.

For turnkey, the additional cost to finance this is between 5-10% depending on your project.

Progressive payments
With this contract you “pay as you go” with progressive payments being made to FirstBuild at each building milestone:

  • 20% first payment
  • 20% consent 
  • 30% foundations 
  • 20% delivery 
  • 10% final consent approval

    The advantage of this process is you will save 5-10% finance cost but will need to have proof of available funds.
So, Where to from here?
Contact NewBuild, your bank or mortgage broker. They will be able to assist you to take the next steps

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